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Kat Graham attended the Art of Elysium gala Jan 7 in Los Angeles. She rocked YSL Haute Couture black mini and Alaia pumps for the event.

Art of Elsium Mission Statement:

We believe in using art as a catalyst for social change. Our “full circle” approach engages emerging artists in inspiring acts of service that forge opportunities for them to share their creativity in diverse and meaningful ways with individuals of need. We support and acknowledge our volunteer artists by providing platforms to showcase their art within the community. We thrive on our ability to provide an emotionally and physically safe space for the mutual exchange between artist and individuals in need. The Art of Elysium’s programs for hospitalized youth, special needs education centers, homeless shelters, elder care homes and hospice care facilities include Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Music, Media/Theatre Arts and Arts-Based Self-Esteem Programs. Art facilitates a freedom to think about life in ways never thought before. Our programs are designed to support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness, hospitalization, displacement, confinement, and/or crisis by providing a variety of creative tools to help them realize relief, happiness, liberation and self-empowerment through exploration and expression in social and collaborative ways.

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