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With influences of Portishead, Massive Attack,

and Jodorowsky, Kat Graham’s fourth album,

and Toro Gato’s debut is nothing short of a

masterpiece. From the live string quartets

paired with the haunting and fearless raw

visuals, Graham plants a flag in this new

unchartered territory. With the painfully

honest admissions on “White Flag” and “The

Unknown”, to the brutal lyrics and aggressive

production on “Sorry I Shot You”, fans get a

closer look into the notoriously private life of

the artist.


Some original music production by Graham

was created over a decade ago for friend

David Blaine’s specials. Long term production

partner Jean-Yves “Jeeve” Ducornet who,

besides co production, lends haunting vocals

to songs such as “Matador”.


Having had a “soul epiphany” in 2017 Toro

Gato was birthed. Toro Gato, which translates

to “Bull Cat” in Spanish was chosen by

Graham to show both the light and dark parts

of the subconscious and conscious mind, as

well as the recognition of one’s shadow self.

Graham admitted to being “genuinely

nervous” during the creative process of the

visuals for the album. Working with her life

partner Darren Genet who directed all of

the films was crucial to the evolution and

creation of Toro Gato.


Toro Gato buries Kat Graham in the first video

and song “Fall For You”, setting the tone for

the death of the pop dance performer and the

birth of the trip hop infused cinematic artist

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