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Kat Graham Announces International Album At Billboard Awards

Kat Graham announced her new single “World Song” at the billboard women in music awards this week in Los Angeles. She arrived wearing Jean Paul Gaultier SS15.

Titled "K’Pelle: One Song, One World," the album is a reflection of Graham's vision to bring together different regions through music, each track representing a distinct cultural backdrop. This initiative comes at a time when the world seeks solace and unity, echoing the sentiments of historic collaborations like "We Are the World."

Graham's extensive career as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for the Refugee Agency and her rich international heritage lay the groundwork for this ambitious project. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, and recognized as a princess in the Congo, her global perspective is evident in her creative endeavors.

The album's leading single, "World Song," marks another collaboration with long-time friend and producer Will.I.Am, with whom Graham first collaborated in 2007 for Will’s “Songs About Girls” album. 

Produced and written alongside Jean-Yves “Jeeve” Duornet, known for his work with Santana, Tupac, and Pitbull, this album is poised to make history.


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