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One Young World

Renowned actress and activist, Kat Graham, joined forces with Gillian Triggs, the Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), at the highly influential One Young World Summit in Belfast, Ireland. This annual gathering served as a preeminent global youth leadership Summit, attracting individuals who were passionately dedicated to shaping the future of our world and addressing humanity's most pressing challenges.

With her powerful voice and unwavering commitment to social justice, Kat Graham took center stage to speak about the urgent need to support climate refugees. She emphasized the importance of enhancing refugee welfare, ensuring their rights were protected, and providing them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives in the face of environmental crises. As a passionate advocate, Graham raised awareness about the unique struggles faced by those displaced due to climate change and called for global solidarity in addressing this growing issue.

Alongside Kat Graham, Gillian Triggs, an esteemed figure in the field of refugee protection, lent her expertise and insights to the Summit. Triggs, having served as the Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at UNHCR, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in advocating for refugee rights and ensuring their dignity and security. Together, Graham and Triggs explored innovative strategies for representation, amplifying the voices of refugees, and empowering them to actively participate in shaping policies that affect their lives.

The convergence of these two remarkable individuals at the One Young World Summit not only underscored the importance of addressing the pressing challenges faced by climate refugees but also highlighted the need for collaborative efforts between influential figures, young leaders, and organizations to forge a path towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. As they inspired and mobilized attendees, their collective vision resonated with the spirit of One Young World, where ideas were exchanged, connections were made, and tangible actions were taken to create positive change on a global scale.


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