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Long Hot Summer Album Release

Kat Graham has released her fourth album titled Long Hot Summer and announced her first solo world tour.

After experimenting with a variety of musical genres, from 2017’s disco-tinged Love Music Funk Magic to the experimental NFT album Toro Gato, Kat has gone back to her roots with LONG HOT SUMMER. Before joining the hit television series, Kat got her start in LGBTQ+ nightclubs in West Hollywood, performing self-produced dance-pop records. With sweeping pop synths over aggressive 80’s beats and co-produced with Jean-Yves “Jeeve” Ducornet, Kat is ready to give the community that first embraced her a dance-pop album focusing on liberation, self-exploration, and acceptance. “Going back to dance pop has always been an era that I started but never finished,” says Kat. “Especially in partnership with GLAAD, I am beyond excited to celebrate the LGBTQ Community and bring awareness to this incredible organization. We are going to bring the house down!” As a member of GLAAD’s Atlanta chapter and a longtime supporter, Kat will kick off a world tour in June to help raise money for the organization.


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